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System control boardsMedical control equipmentsPrinted wiring boardsCables & Harnesses
Sheet metals & cans making


We deal with printed wiring boards for our control boards , and correspond to customer's needs including equipping parts on boards from mock exams to mass-production.


·CPU boards for medical equipments
·CPU boards for inverters
·CPU boards assembly for welding machines
·CPU boards for fire hydrants

We can manufacture large boards(max:470x300).

"NYP40-577PH" made by Tamura has been introduced to follow LEAD FREE.
This equipment can correspond in accordance with RoHS compliance.

Assembling line

Our Assembling line can deal with chips from 1005 to SOP, PLLC 0.5mm.

DIP Assembling line

Our DIP assembling line is fully equipped with Axial&Radial auto insertion machines, IC auto insertion machines, and others.